FİGES Structural Mechanics and Acoustic Unit has been providing engineering services in the area of structural analysis and acoustic to our customers in many different industries since 1990. In general; environmental conditions, static and dynamic stress/deflection analysis under operational and limitation loads, vibration and acoustic calculations, thermal analysis are performed to offer an optimized design suggestion. By this way, according to the product requirements; durable, light, economic and producible solutions are sought to guide our customers.

Implicit Structural Analysis

  • Strength and Vibration Analysis (Static, Dynamic, Modal)
  • Random Vibration and Shock Analysis (MIL-STD-810G)
  • Naval Calculations, Underwater Explosion Analysis
  • Acoustic Analysis
  • Fatigue Calculations
  • Fluid Pressure Penetration Analysis of Sealing Systems
  • Simulation Based Parametric Design Optimization
  • Material Modelling (Composite, Elastic/Plastic, Viscoelastic, creep)
  • Multi-Body Dynamics

Explicit Structural Analysis

  • Launching/Shooting Simulation
  • Crash and Rolling Simulation
  • Drop and Impact Analysis
  • Explosion Analysis
  • Metal Forming Calculations
  • Springback and Springback Recovery Simulation