The decision of FIGES to enter nuclear technology has been sprouted after the 3rd Workshop of Thorium Rare Earths Platform which is held within the Faculty of Engineering of Marmara University on 24 December 2015. Since the beginning of 2016, Dr. Tarık Öğüt, Chairman of the Board of FIGES and Dr. Reşat Uzmen who is known for his work on nuclear fuel and nuclear materials have agreed that the “Molten Salt Reactors – MSRs” that use thorium as fuel are the most efficient way as a nuclear energy system. Afterward, they started to get in contact with organizations, companies and research centers to conduct MSR studies abroad.


Meanwhile, several seminars explaining why thorium-fueled MSR is important for Turkey, are organized to various scientific organizations, especially to TUBITAK. As a result of the interviews conducted by SAMOFAR project coordinator, EU project of which various organizations are participating from Europe, FIGES has been accepted to take part in a concrete work package together with TUBITAK as an active observer. Click here to read more.


FIGES has attended and contributed the symposiums and workshops in Turkey and abroad, specialized on thorium energy, general energy systems, and 4th Generation nuclear reactor technology to introduce thorium fuel cycle using Molten Salt Reactor technology, as well as to stimulate debate with scientists. Click here to read more.


In 2017, Nuclear Technology Department is established in the FIGES R&D Center (Ankara) to perform projects such as the design of the Primary and Secondary Heat Exchangers of Molten Salt Fast Reactor within the SAMOFAR project, and to conduct thermal-hydraulic analysis, design and safety analysis of nuclear components belonging to conventional Pressurized Water Reactors which will operate in Turkey. Considering the need to support the nuclear safety and licensing activities of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NDK) to be formed later on, TAEK and FIGES have contacted with the German Federal Reactor Safety (GRS) organization in order to obtain a Technical Support Organization (TSO) competence. Necessary steps are taken in this regard. Click here to read more.


For the evaluation studies of Turkey’s large rare earth elements and Thorium ores which will allow the production of thorium to be used in Molten Salt Reactors, FIGES does not hesitate to make its contributions on this issue by offering its technology infrastructure. In this context, FIGES has participated in the workshops and the working groups organized by the public institutions. Click here to read more.


Within the scope of R&D studies on prototype reactor constructions, various models have been reviewed and the studies are ongoing for the development of an Aqueous Solution Reactor of the Homogeneous Reactors class, which will provide the possibility of the production of Molybdenum-99 radioisotope in very favorable conditions. The Mo-99 is still in great demand in the field of nuclear medicine in Turkey. Click here to read more.