Engineering is a driving force behind the successes of humanity in science and technology. This driving force is fed with curiosity and an endless hard work to do better.

The most important reason for FİGES to be such a reliable company in its field is that it has a corporate culture which gives the engineering profession the value it deserves.FİGES, which brings the best together with the high standards it has, makes a difference in the field with its curiosity and determination as well as the way it produces creative solutions.

FİGES, which gives academic perspective to the private sector with all these aspects, thanks to its forward-thinking management, strong technical infrastructure and expert team has become a very fast growing and experience the value of a gift to Turkey in a short time.

I am proud to be a global brand and part of this unique team when I am acting as the General Manager under the umbrella of FİGES.

On behalf of both FİGES and our country, I wish more great days…

General Manager of FİGES, Koray GÖKALP