First of all, i would like to say that Turkey has luminous and strong future. We must proceed by adopting Atatürk’s principles and we keep going this great statesman’s path. I’ve always had that thought.

In 1990, Computer Aided Design software was just entering the industry organizations in Turkey.

as long as 24 years I stayed away from Turkey as well, I turned towards my homeland end of the same year. I wanted to make my dreams come true. I wanted to use a very strong engineering technology in the Turkish industry which had been used in Industrialized countries of large companies. I would imagine development of cars, trains, planes, satellites with this technology in Turkey. The name of the technology I mentioned is ”Finite Element Method“ in English or ‘’Sonlu Elemanlar Yöntemi’’ “in Turkish. I learned the theory of this method at the university and I was able to practice using it in German industry since 1970.Thus we could close the difference between technologies.

I knew neither the Turkish industry nor the state bureaucracy when ı was leaving, 18-year-old, from Turkey. I had the opportunity to get acquainted with both private industrial organizations and state institutions such as TÜBİTAK, MKEK, SSM, TAEK when I returned to my country in 1990 at the age of 42. I had a great chance to visit these government agencies one by one. I made practical presentations of this exciting technology to the engineering managers of companies. I didn’t use PowerPoint while using these presentations but I used the devices called Overhead Project. I was going to the presentations with an IBM PC 387 case, 17 inch tube screen and overhead device. I didn’t have an assistant at first, i was alone. I didn’t rent an office to keep my expenses to a minimum. I made a room of our apartment in a corporate office. This situation continued for 2 years… My dream was to be trigger or a part of the modern new engineering process which will begin in Turkey.
Of course, my adventure that started in 1990, has the ups and downs but ı would say that every crisis strengthened our company. After 28 years adventure, today,we are more powerful than ever and with a team spirit, we continue to realize our dreams. Our target is not demonstrating our talents, it is commercializing the product and selling it to the whole world. it is necessary for strong and sustainability.

What makes our company strong is neither the turnover nor the number of employees. It is just our precious team that has a sincere connection with Physics, Mathematics and Digital Technologies. If there is a volunteer bond, turnover and employment will come as a natural consequence. I must say that we are in the very heart of the Industry 4.0 process since our establishment. Therefore, we have the ability to develop all kinds of technological products from every sector and here at FİGES we are trying to do just that. Our goal should be “Current Surplas’’, not just more exports. This is only possible with high national and domestic products.

Chairman of FİGES, Dr.Tarık ÖĞÜT