FİGES provides the following engineering services (design, analysis and prototype manufacture), training and software for land vehicle systems.

  • FEA (Finite Element Analysis) applications in structural integrity, strenght of materials and structural stability, fatigue, vibration, acoustic, crash, roll-over, blast, covering charge, ballistic and shock applications,
  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) applications in propulsion system analyses, propulsion system cooling analyses, under-hood analyses, exhaust system design, fog distribution and HVAC simulations,
  • MBD (Multi Body Dynamics) applications to simulate and analyze vehicle motions on virtual roads and environment,
  • Electromagnetics shielding and heat transfer calculations,
  • Modeling and simulation studies on mechanical, hydraulic, electronic and mechatronic subsystems of land vehicle platforms and controller development for these systems using system engineering and model-based design methodology,
  • Functional modelling, sizing, simulations, analyses and optimization studies in combustion engines of land vehicles.

In addition, FİGES has tried to produce the power systems of the National Main Battle Tank Altay and has been successful in being one of the last two companies to be handed over.