Project and Consultancy Services

FIGES Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics Group, combines his  competency in the engineering disciplines of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and thermodynamics to provide technical computation and simulation based consultancy and engineering project services for a wide variaty of  industrial applications including aerospace and defense, construction, power generation, turbomachinery, automotive, chemical and material processing and white goods. Considering the real-world engineering requirements and constraints, it offers the right engineering approach and the best and the fastest solutions.

Our services

Our range of CFD consulting services comprises the following components:
1. Customer-specific CFD projects
2. R&D within the context of development mandates
3. Personnel services

Complete range of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) consulting services
Our CFD services encompass different flow physics, including multiphase flows, heat transfer and phase change, reacting flows, non-Newtonian fluid flows, flow induced noise (acoustics) as well as multi-disciplenary phenemena like fluid-structure interaction (FSI).

Diverse spectrum of industrial applications

Our services address industrial applications ranging from aerospace to maritime and construction sector, from turbomachinery to chemical processes and power generation, from automotive to thermal equipment including electronics, from polymer processing to white goods sectors.

Application Areas: Automotive Transportation Marine Hydrodynamics Aerospace Avionics Architectural Consumer Products Energy / Power Generation