Our unit serves for R&D, design and manufacturing processes requiring high tech and reliable electronics systems mainly used in defense. We also design and manufacture custom test systems by determining technical requirements of our customers in the field of defense, industry, health and consumer electronics. Our team is also specialized in ground vehicle systems and theirs sub equipment.  We develop products and sub systems with the quality defined by military and international standards especially required by power electronics, motion control systems and human-machine interfaces.

Service Fields


  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Real-Time Control Hardware
  • Embedded Software Development
  • System Integration
  • Motion Control Hardware and Complete Systems 

Test Systems and Services

  • Test Systems for Product and Design Verifications
  • Test Equipment for Functional and Endurance
  • Simulation Platforms
  • Servo-hydraulic Test Equipment
  • Electro-mechanic Test Systems
  • Fully Automatic Test Software