Dear Young Engineers and Experienced Experts,

FİGES is a science and technology oriented planetary system in which exploration and development never ends.

We offer you the opportunity to plan a career in units located under the roof of the FİGES, which is the Sun of this planetary system, or in other companies in its orbit.

If you want to switch between trajectories and continue your career in a different way, you will have very different opportunities in FİGES. We named this privileged Human Resources platform as a Career Bridge.

Thanks to this flexible and new generation structure that gives our employees a chance of change and development, we aim to create an environment that will allow you to work with FİGES for many years. Our goal is to become a global engineering brand where the most precious minds are competing to join us and the wildest ideas and inventions on the market.

If you would like to join us, you can apply for ads on our Career Opportunities page.