Our Perspective of Human Resources

We act with a central point of view in human resources initiatives and processes in all FİGES and being in our orbit companies. Our main goal is to extend our core values to all our action and human resources processes in a way to ensure business excellence and sustainable growth in the areas in which we operate.
Respect and honesty, acting with team spirit, giving importance to innovative sustainability, customer-focused human resources to create a moving emphasis. Therefore, we have some expectations from our colleagues who are willing to work with us.

Core Competencies

• Constructive Communication
• Result-oriented
• Embrace teamwork
• Be a customer oriented

Leadership Competencies

• Motivating others, Leadership and Guiding
• Drag to Innovation and Change
• Developing Yourself, Team and Organization

Main Goals

• Transparency Protection
• Creating a High Performance Culture
• Building High Quality Processes
• Keeping Talents and Developing Leadership Skills

Our Equal Opportunity Policy

We are aware of the great power of living together and collective work to create a better world. For this reason, everyone working in our structure; gender, race, color, language, religion, belief, national origin, ethnicity, sexual identity, philosophical and political opinion, social status, marital status, health status, disability, age or any other reason, without discrimination in any way is considered equal.