The Reason of Being

What distinguishes scientists, engineers and thinkers from other parts of society throughout the history is that they are interested in recognizing and understanding the lack of system and lack of it, and are committed to putting their solution into practice. Sometimes even endangering himself for the sake of science, curiosity, rational mind who choose to learn more, it will be the cornerstone of human development that has succeeded in putting its signature under the great innovation. We owe them a lot for the point we came today.

We, as FIGES engineers, have adopted the principle of sustaining this tradition with the inspiration we receive from them. We are working hard to carry humanity and especially our country to a more advanced level in science, technology and industry.

So we are here to think of the unthinkable, to see the unseen and to design the better.

Our Working Vision

As FİGES, we have some criteria and priorities in order to make our goals come true.

For example, we believe that interest in science and technology is the result of an innate an curiosity to all children. A child who never tired of asking these questions ’What is that? How is that?’, unable to sleep without resolving how a system works, do not give up trying to design better… We are trying to make sure that this important impulse always exists.

Therefore, as FİGES, we approach all areas of engineering with curiosity, creativity, excitement, rigor and teamwork.

Our Values

  • To be able to approach each new project with the excitement of a young engineer and the experience of a master engineer.
  • Working with the right people and being a nice team
  • To know that learning never ends,
  • Transfer information without hesitation
  • To be the first and pioneer, encourage other
  • Focus on technology


FİGES, which has put its signature under works that make life easier for almost every sector with the right data, correct analysis and right solutions, since its establishment, it has become a reliable name behind the projects that have progressed smoothly.

Continues to learn and develop non-stop, FİGES, not afraid to share information with the structure gives great importance to education and it has a corporate culture which is committed to contribute to the training of young engineers.

Choosing work with FİGES means that approaching engineering with passion, have a say in the field, to be a guide, analytical, objective person and also it means that long-winded road companionship with an experienced and curious team of experts.