Brilliant Start for MATLAB EXPO in Turkey

Held for the first time in Ankara, Turkey on September 19, MATLAB EXPO saw broad participation. Organised by MathWorks and its sole representative in Turkey, FİGES, the event saw MathWorks officials describing the latest developments in the engineering software sector, while representatives of Turkish companies provided information about their respective businesses. Many engineers from different sectors (mainly defence and aerospace) followed the event with interest.

Every year, thousands of engineers, researchers and scientists participate in MATLAB EXPO events, which are held in 20 different countries around the world. This was the first such event to be organised in Turkey, and attracted the attention of 550 participants.
The opening speeches of the event were made by Dr. Tarık Öğüt, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FİGES; and Richard Haxby, Managing Director, MathWorks Shared Sales and Services Centre.

Targets will be Reached via R&D

At the beginning of his speech, Dr. Öğüt explained the reasons behind the organisation of MATLAB EXPO, stating that industries in Turkey now demand more specialised events. Addressing the participants, Dr. Öğüt said: “From 2003 to 2017, in about 15 years, Turkey has come a very long way in the field of R&D. In 2003, only 25 percent of the equipment used by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) was indigenous, while this rate had increased to 62 percent by the end of 2017. Our goal is to increase this even further, to 85 percent by 2023. How do we plan to do that? With your help. There is no other community that can achieve this. Recently, there have been talks of an economic crisis, but crises have a way of educating people. When bad things happen, we take lessons from them. Why did this crisis happen, and how can we defeat it? The answer is to have products that are open to the world and that bring high added value. This can only be achieved by this community.”
Dr. Öğüt also talked about the subject of human resources: “Aside from software and hardware, R&D also demands human resources. We can buy equipment and machinery with money, but training qualified personnel is not easy. At FİGES, we have been organising summer schools every year for 15–20 years where we provide training to R&D engineers. We created the BuildUp Academy, taking this tradition to a professional level, accepting newly graduated people and teaching them the R&D culture. In three months, we bring these new graduates to a level at which they are able to adapt faster within the companies in which they will work. This way, we reduce the orientation process in companies from 12 months to just a few months.”

Dr. Öğüt invited everyone to contribute to the R&D Magazine (of FİGES) at the end of his speech.

MATLAB EXPO becomes a Communications Channel

Haxby, taking the floor after Dr. Öğüt, said that MATLAB EXPO events were very important for their customers. He held up the United Kingdom as an example of places where there is a great deal of interest in these events. In the UK, the MATLAB EXPO event held in 2014 saw attendance from 800 people, while in 2018, more than 2,000 people attended.

Haxby summarised why people participated in MATLAB EXPO events in three points:

1. They want to know what other engineers are doing. They wonder how other engineers solve the challenges they face.
2. They want to hear from MathWorks about their product developments.
3. Engineers want to get out of their work environment to listen to other people and hear new opinions. In particular, they want to know what methods are being used in different industries, as they can then return to their workplaces with new opinions and thoughts.

After the opening speeches, the events continued with presentations by speakers from MathWorks, ASELSAN, AVL Turkey, FİGES and Turkish Aerospace.