Türkiye Toryum Yarışında!

Turkey has vast Thorium reserves and a growing interest has been noticed over the years.

​Now, the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey has concluded:

Turkey is preparing to establish a thorium-based low power, breeder-type fast spectrum prototype reactor.

A workshop was held in December at the Marmara Research Center in order to make a choice for the prototype parameters. The participants of the workshop agreed that this reactor type has many design options depending on various parameters and that it therefore is suitable to conduct a preliminary study along with modelling.

Even though the commercial plant deployment of TMSRs is a long-term target, it is the most suitable solution for the energy problem, and the use of Thorium in such reactors is advantageous with regards to sustainability.

With this ​Turkey aims to add nuclear technology to its technological inventory. They aim to attain the needed technology and are developing special materials and a fuel technology for the reactor; with a motivation to take part in an emerging, new generation reactor technology all along, in conformity with the nuclear technology studies in the world.

Expect to learn more about the Turkish efforts at ThEC18 in Brussels.